How to convert fat to muscle mass

24 Febbraio 2020

How to convert fat to muscle mass

Do not reduce the calorie intake of your daily diet. In order for the body to start building a muscle corset, energy is needed, which is converted from food.

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I would like to talk about one interesting topic: how to turn fat into muscle. At first glance, everything in it is very simple and clear. It’s about converting fat into muscle. Many people believe that such a process is possible, I hasten to upset you – this is impossible. Anyone who thinks otherwise can only advise one thing – to refuse to read this article. But if you think the above process is impossible, then we wish you a pleasant reading..

Fat and muscle have nothing in common; these cells differ in both their content and purpose. And making others out of some cells is a real sports miracle. Why is turning fat into muscle considered magic or even magic? We will talk about this in this article..

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People who have excess body fat and at the same time have very poorly developed muscles should understand that the only way to fix this situation is to engage in active training..

Fat has only one function – energy. The reserves of this energy source are stored in special fat cells. These cells have their own structure, they perform certain functions and form adipose tissue. That is, we can say that adipose tissue is another internal organ.

It just so happened that this very energy is actively used by our muscles during monotonous and calm work (slow walking, running, etc.), without it there can be no question of their full buy letrozone work. Nature has only two physiological states: gaining fat and mass or losing them. So those people who are trying to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, it is better to leave these useless attempts that simply cannot end with something. Of course, there are physiological exceptions, but they are extremely rare. Now it’s worth figuring out why this is impossible.

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For the growth of muscle mass, our body needs calories, which will be the main “muscle builders”. Take two variables, A and B. On a day, for example, you burned A calories, then you exercised and got rid of B calories during your workout. Naturally, muscle recovery occurs after each workout. And if your energy potential is below the A + B index, then you can forget about muscle growth, your body simply will not have enough energy for “muscle building”. When this indicator is exceeded, that is, when you have consumed more calories, the process of gaining both muscle mass and fat occurs. It happens at the same time, you can’t get away from it. So “transferring fat to muscle” is simply not possible. This process has a completely different name – fat burning..

There are some people who have obvious problems with being overweight, but they do not want to lose weight for one single reason – the best 5 tips for anavar side effects your best anavar fear of losing their fat reserves. They have an explanation for their unwillingness to eat right: “If I start to lose weight, then all my precious fats will disappear, and I will have nothing left to turn into muscles.”.

When some talk about “pumping fat into muscle,” they mean something else. In their opinion, during physical activity there is a large consumption of fat accumulations aimed at obtaining energy. It is this energy that will stimulate muscle growth-friendly movement..

That is, fat reserves will be actively spent, and muscles will increase in volume. This definition is not devoid of common sense, but it is worth considering some facts proving that this theory does not work in practice..

In addition to fats, carbohydrates are an important source of energy for our body. Only adherence to a certain diet and a lack of carbohydrates leads to a waste of body fat.

If your body copes with this task, then you are managing to create an energy deficit, you eat less than you spend.

Good muscle growth also depends on certain conditions. This is only possible when training with heavy weights. Carbohydrates are the very source of energy that our muscles simply need for intense strength training. Without this, the muscles will not be able to withstand a large amount of hard work and, accordingly, will not gain in mass..

If the body spends fats, that is, it goes into a mode of energy deficit, then there can be no talk of building muscle mass.

The best fat burning workouts are endurance classes, low to medium resistance exercises with high repetitions..

So, “pumping” fat into muscles is impossible, but you can spend this energy on developing endurance. At the same time, muscle blood circulation and performance improve, which makes them stronger and more prominent..

Many inexperienced athletes claim that with the help of one or another training program they were able to do the impossible – increase muscle volume and simultaneously lose several pounds. These statements, in no way, are not questioned, but it would be nice to understand what actually happened..

Compilers of many training complexes promise to simultaneously lose weight and gain muscle mass a couple of months after starting. But all this effect can be easily explained, the thing is that any beginner starts his exercises with “empty” muscles. They have practically no supply of some important substances, and the fibers of this person are completely unprepared for the upcoming stress. After a few workouts, the process of adaptation of the body begins and an increasing number of fibers are included in the work. In addition, there is an accumulation of a large amount of those very important substances, in particular creatine phosphate and glycogen, due to which the cell cytoplasm increases in volume. This is why the muscles get bigger. That is, it is not muscle growth (hypertrophy) that occurs, but the usual “inflation” of the fibers. But to a beginner, it seems that he achieved results thanks to his amazing workout program, and the fat, supposedly, turned into muscle. However, if certain rules regarding nutrition are not followed, progress will stop after a few months..

It is not possible to distill fat into muscles. You need to choose one thing, either gain weight or lose weight. In the first case, high-calorie foods must be present in your diet. If you have set yourself the second goal, then such food is strictly prohibited..

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Our muscle cells are distinguished by the most complex protein structure, and together with the nervous system contribute to the formation of motor mechanisms. Each such cell is a kind of engine with its own set of special mechanisms. And since there are very, very many of them, all together they are able to develop just incredible strength.

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Muscle training is a versatile concept. There are many parameters that can be developed through intensive training, the main ones are:

Muscle thickness gain (muscle mass);

General or physical endurance;

Muscle speed characteristics if you practice, for example, martial arts.

The development of each of these and many other muscle parameters requires training, and for any of the above qualities there is a specific type of load.

Can fat be made so functional? Unfortunately no. As already mentioned, fat has only one function – energy. Therefore, it can only be spent on obtaining energy, in fact, it is for this that our body accumulates fat reserves. The waste of fat has its own characteristics, 2 main conditions apply here:

1) Since fat reserves act as a reserve energy source, the body can spend them only if certain dietary rules are followed.

2) To burn fat, our internal energy must be in constant “demand”. For its occurrence, it is necessary to regularly, but carefully increase physical activity..

We have already touched on this issue a little, but it is worth returning to it and considering in more detail. Many people want to drive fat into muscles … For comparison, please tell me, is it possible to transform one internal organ into another? Can a heart be made from a liver or a kidney, can a lung be made a kidney, can a kidney be made a liver? The answer is obvious – of course not. And if the answers to these questions are quite obvious, then over the counter buy deca durabolin injectable you can do this why do so many people sincerely believe in the possibility of magically turning fat into muscle? Gaining muscle mass simply cannot be accompanied by fat loss.

Do you want to transfer fat to muscle? Then you should try to repeat what Jesus did, which is to turn water into wine. If you can do this, then what … everything else will be possible too.

If you have fatty deposits, you should start by getting rid of them. There are 2 reasons for this:

Building beautifully shaped muscles is always more enjoyable than working on “fatty cuts of meat”.

If you are new to weight loss, you can effectively prepare your muscles for resistance training and, just as important, master the correct technical exercise..

Most bodybuilders do mass and strength training for about 4-6 months. Their diet and activities at this time are aimed exclusively at achieving the designated goals. However, it does accumulate some fat..

Further, bodybuilders move on to work on the relief, such training continues for 4-8 weeks. Naturally, this is only necessary if the athlete has accumulated body fat during exercise for mass. This period is called drying, all workouts are aimed at getting rid of fat and maintaining the maximum possible muscle volume. Again, athletes during this time are engaged in special programs and make adjustments to their nutrition..

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Many people try to experiment, for example, exercise for one week on the mass, and during the second get rid of fat. This approach is fundamentally wrong, since muscles grow during recovery from workouts, it takes a considerable amount of time to achieve the effect. Nutritional restrictions between such workouts will not lead to a positive result..

The same applies to fat, you will not be successful if you eat high-carb foods in between fat-burning activities and try to gain weight. When we talk about the time to achieve an effect, we are not talking about days or weeks, but about several months. Be patient and stick to your goal, otherwise you won’t get off the ground.

Go in for sports, eat right and get better – I wish you success.

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During the drying period, athletes try to reduce the calorie content of their diet so that the fat “goes away”, and the muscles gained during the mass-gaining phase are preserved to the maximum. To do this, they resort to a low-carb diet to reduce the amount of energy in the diet and use up body fat..

In this article we will tell you how to lose weight and build muscle at the same time, because body recomposition is a different approach to building a training process, which implies a clear balance in calorie expenditure and consumption, training and recovery..

Key point to know: Muscle building and fat burning are at odds with each other in terms of energy balance. Building muscle requires an excess of calories, while burning fat requires a deficit. Without the right approach, trying to do these things at the same time can lead to disaster..

Can fatty tissue be transferred to lean muscle safely? How to gain muscle mass while losing fat? How to build one while destroying the other? Below are tips and tricks for body recomposition that will answer all of these questions and learn how to build muscle while burning fat..

Diet plays the most important role. And so here we will consider it first. For now, we’ll just tell you what to eat and what to avoid. All of your biceps and abs are done in the kitchen, not the gym. You may have heard such a saying before, but did not attach any importance to it. However, it is true and scientifically proven. It is difficult to lose weight without having the right diet (unless you are an Olympic champion who needs 10,000 calories a day due to a lot of physical activity). And it is generally impossible to build and maintain muscles without proper nutrition. Here are some tips on how to adjust your diet to lose weight (or dry out) without harming your muscles:

The only way to lose weight: Burn more calories than you eat.

So what about those diets that say you don’t need to count calories?

Well, it’s still the same principle of burning more calories than you get, but these diets tend to be high in protein and fiber, so you’ll feel fuller faster and won’t eat as much. Basically, by following these types of diets, you listen to your stomach and you do not need to count calories..

Cutting back on calories isn’t really difficult. Eating the right foods is enough. Start with the ones that contain predominantly protein. These include chicken and turkey. Any kind of fish is fine too, as well as lean beef. And add as many vegetables to the meat as possible. Vegetables are rich in all the vitamins your body needs. Any diet that allows you to eat high in protein and low in calories will help you gain muscle while losing fat at the same time..