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elbow crutches

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Patients after surgery and with leg injuries during the rehabilitation period need elbow or shoulder crutches. In the future, however, they can be replaced with a cane, having agreed this with the doctor. When buying crutches, you should definitely ask a specialist which particular model is most suitable for you.

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Crutches under the elbow have a comfortable emphasis, therefore, it is much more comfortable to use with an ordinary cane. By their type, they are divided into integral and adjustable. In numerous specialized stores, there are both solid crutches and collapsible models that you can take with you when traveling. When buying these products, pay special attention to the handle, because it has the entire load. Previously, most models were equipped with an ordinary handle, but today on sale there are designs with anatomical handles that differ in their convenience.

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To buy an elbow crutch that is ideal for you, consider the particular arrangement of the armrest extra definition dit and handle. With the patient growing 1 m 70 cm, the cuff of the product should be at a distance of about 5-6 cm from the elbow, and with the growth of 180 cm – by 10 cm. When checking that you have chosen the elbow crutches correctly, stand upright with your hands down. In this case, the handle of the product must be at the level of the proc muze bt vase posedlost svaly a testosteron fold of the wrist. The elbow crutches have such an important parameter as the width of the cuff. If the cuff is too loose for the patient, it will be inconvenient for him to hold the structure. As for the tight cuff, it causes discomfort, squeezing the arm.

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Many modern crutches under the elbow have not only an anatomical sliding handle, which we have already mentioned, but also soft linings, providing patients with a comfortable and convenient movement. Some models are additionally equipped with built-in reflectors, which provide increased human safety during evening walks. For greater efficiency, reflectors are installed on both urazy kulturystyczne sides of the structure.

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Armrest crutches are suitable for people with low body weight and well-developed arm muscles. These products allow you to move around quickly and are easy to use. However, weakened and elderly patients, as well as citizens with increased weight, doctors recommend acquiring axillary crutches. Today, almost all medical devices can be bought on the Internet.

elbow crutches

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